Cat Music Mondays

Cats have long been an inspiration to artists, writers, designers….pretty much any artistic field you can think of.  I wanted to start showcasing some of the great music out there that was inspired by cats.  In most of these songs, the cat will be a metaphor for something else.  Tonight, however, I thought I would start with a song about an actual cat.

Tonight’s song comes from a band out of San Francisco called Red House Painters.  The band has a long and complicated history, but this song comes from their 1994 EP Shock Me.

The song tells the story of a cat who, by no fault of its own (of course), injured its leg.  Unfortunately, the accident was pretty bad, and the leg has to be amputated.  It’s a sweet, sad, short song.  Lead singer Mark Kozelek is a noted cat lover, and actually has another song about a cat.  I’ll save that one for another day, though.

Enjoy the song, there will be more.

(Follow the link on this blog if you would like to download the entire Shock Me EP)