Network Awesome



This is a head’s up for everyone.  I was contacted the other day with some fabulous news.  On Monday, February 18th, Network Awesome is paying tribute to CATS!

For those who don’t know what Network Awesome is, it is an online TV ‘channel’.  Every day they curate ‘shows’ pulled from YouTube.  Their system stitches the various videos together and presents it linearly to the viewer. It’s pretty awesome.

Monday’s schedule will include a hilarious collection of ‘When cats attack’, collections of music and art inspired by cats, as well as a mockumentary about their favorite controlled substance…catnip!  The program will also include the Korean horror film ‘The Cat’ and Stephen King’s 1985 Cat’s Eye.  I’m stoked.  If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I would 100% stay in bed and watch all of this on rotation….for hours.