Cat Fashion: H&M

Look at those kittens! Sheer kitten tank, $14.95

Look at those kittens!
Sheer kitten tank, $14.95

Fashionable cat ladies on a budget, get yourself to H&M.  Like, now.  I mean it.  Check out all the cat fashion they have kicking in their stores right now.  More cat fashion after the jump… Continue reading


This morning I was doing my usual scroll through Facebook, when I spotted the following…

Now, Urban Outfitters has a very, very, long history of ripping off other artists’ work, so it didn’t shock me to find out they had done it again.  I stopped shopping at Urban Outfitters a long time ago because of this (that and the company is owned by a right-wing-religious-fanatic).

Luckily, this story has two happy endings.  First, according to Glitterhell’s blog, UO has pulled the shirt.  They agreed that it was too similar, and pulled it from their stores and website.  The second part of this happy ending is all about me finding out about this company.  I love finding new independent merchants that put their love of cats on display.  Click through to see some of their occult kitty designs.   Continue reading