Cat Fashion: H&M

Look at those kittens! Sheer kitten tank, $14.95

Look at those kittens!
Sheer kitten tank, $14.95

Fashionable cat ladies on a budget, get yourself to H&M.  Like, now.  I mean it.  Check out all the cat fashion they have kicking in their stores right now.  More cat fashion after the jump… Continue reading

Space Cat

Last Halloween, I became obsessed with this image.

I spotted it randomly on Pintrest, and fell in love.  There was something magical about it.

I have no idea who created it, whether it is old or new, or where it originally came from. At the time all I knew was that I wanted to be this for Halloween.

I tried hard to find some kind of vintage spaceman costume, but failed on all fronts.  I’m not very crafty, so there was no way I was going to make one.  In the end, I just created my own spin on the costume.  I combined 3 different costumes to create my ‘Space Cat’.  I effectively scared most of NYC…or at least the people I saw on the subway since I refused to take off my mask.

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My version of Space Cat.

Since that time, I’ve fallen in love with all things ‘space cat’.  I love the combination of cats in space.  I find it highly entertaining for some reason.

I decided to do an Etsy search for ‘space cat’.  I found some pretty rad things.  Click through to see some highlights.

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Cat Music Monday!

Hello friends!

Network Awesome had 8 different  songs about cats as part of the tribute to cats today, so I’m sure you’ve had your fill of cat songs.  Just in case you haven’t, though, I thought I would post a quickie.  This one is from Momus, and it’s one of my faves.  I like to pick up my cats and dance around the house to this occasionally.  It’s a fun, short, jazzy jam.  Enjoy!

*note – This is not the actual music video.  I don’t know that there is one.  This is just a video of a kitten set to the song.  So, you know, kitten!!

Network Awesome



This is a head’s up for everyone.  I was contacted the other day with some fabulous news.  On Monday, February 18th, Network Awesome is paying tribute to CATS!

For those who don’t know what Network Awesome is, it is an online TV ‘channel’.  Every day they curate ‘shows’ pulled from YouTube.  Their system stitches the various videos together and presents it linearly to the viewer. It’s pretty awesome.

Monday’s schedule will include a hilarious collection of ‘When cats attack’, collections of music and art inspired by cats, as well as a mockumentary about their favorite controlled substance…catnip!  The program will also include the Korean horror film ‘The Cat’ and Stephen King’s 1985 Cat’s Eye.  I’m stoked.  If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I would 100% stay in bed and watch all of this on rotation….for hours.

Cat Music Monday!


Apparently, the only songs I know about cats were written while I was in high school.  Not that this is a bad thing, I’m just starting to feel a little dated on my musical knowledge.

Today’s song comes from The Karl Hendricks Trio, an indie band out of Pittsburgh.  Written in 1993, How’s the Cat? is the final track on their Some Girls Like Cigarettes album.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find either a video or a link to the song anywhere on the internet.  I did, however, upload the track myself so you can grab an MP3 of it here.  You can also go listen to the whole album on Spotify here. Continue reading

Cat Music Mondays

Cats have long been an inspiration to artists, writers, designers….pretty much any artistic field you can think of.  I wanted to start showcasing some of the great music out there that was inspired by cats.  In most of these songs, the cat will be a metaphor for something else.  Tonight, however, I thought I would start with a song about an actual cat.

Tonight’s song comes from a band out of San Francisco called Red House Painters.  The band has a long and complicated history, but this song comes from their 1994 EP Shock Me.

The song tells the story of a cat who, by no fault of its own (of course), injured its leg.  Unfortunately, the accident was pretty bad, and the leg has to be amputated.  It’s a sweet, sad, short song.  Lead singer Mark Kozelek is a noted cat lover, and actually has another song about a cat.  I’ll save that one for another day, though.

Enjoy the song, there will be more.

(Follow the link on this blog if you would like to download the entire Shock Me EP)