Cat Fashion: H&M

Look at those kittens! Sheer kitten tank, $14.95

Look at those kittens!
Sheer kitten tank, $14.95

Fashionable cat ladies on a budget, get yourself to H&M.  Like, now.  I mean it.  Check out all the cat fashion they have kicking in their stores right now.  More cat fashion after the jump… Continue reading

Cat Calendar


A friend of mine, knowing that I just started a cat blog, sent me the above invitation a couple days ago.  Not knowing anything about Creatures of Comfort or United Bamboo, all I saw were the words ‘CAT CALENDAR PARTY’.  I got very excited.  Very, very excited.  I tried to get pretty much all of my friends to go with me to what was sure to be a magical night.  Unfortunately, no one could.  Whatever.  I’ll go on this amazing journey alone. Continue reading