Dan Lacey

As you may or may not know, last Tuesday was National Pancake Day.  While it may not be a reason for banks to close, it is a reason for me to search on the internet for cats and pancakes.  Which is how I found Dan Lacey.

Some of you may already know about Dan Lacey.  He is, after all, the Painter of Pancakes.  He has appeared all over the internet, yet somehow, I had totally missed out on his greatness.  Huffington Post posted a great interview with him today about his more political artwork.  This, however, is a blog about cats so we will just be looking at his paintings that pertain to the feline kind.  Click through to see more of Dan’s artwork.

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Cat Music Monday!


Apparently, the only songs I know about cats were written while I was in high school.  Not that this is a bad thing, I’m just starting to feel a little dated on my musical knowledge.

Today’s song comes from The Karl Hendricks Trio, an indie band out of Pittsburgh.  Written in 1993, How’s the Cat? is the final track on their Some Girls Like Cigarettes album.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find either a video or a link to the song anywhere on the internet.  I did, however, upload the track myself so you can grab an MP3 of it here.  You can also go listen to the whole album on Spotify here. Continue reading

Cat Music Mondays

Cats have long been an inspiration to artists, writers, designers….pretty much any artistic field you can think of.  I wanted to start showcasing some of the great music out there that was inspired by cats.  In most of these songs, the cat will be a metaphor for something else.  Tonight, however, I thought I would start with a song about an actual cat.

Tonight’s song comes from a band out of San Francisco called Red House Painters.  The band has a long and complicated history, but this song comes from their 1994 EP Shock Me.

The song tells the story of a cat who, by no fault of its own (of course), injured its leg.  Unfortunately, the accident was pretty bad, and the leg has to be amputated.  It’s a sweet, sad, short song.  Lead singer Mark Kozelek is a noted cat lover, and actually has another song about a cat.  I’ll save that one for another day, though.

Enjoy the song, there will be more.

(Follow the link on this blog if you would like to download the entire Shock Me EP)

Cat Calendar


A friend of mine, knowing that I just started a cat blog, sent me the above invitation a couple days ago.  Not knowing anything about Creatures of Comfort or United Bamboo, all I saw were the words ‘CAT CALENDAR PARTY’.  I got very excited.  Very, very excited.  I tried to get pretty much all of my friends to go with me to what was sure to be a magical night.  Unfortunately, no one could.  Whatever.  I’ll go on this amazing journey alone. Continue reading

LOLCAT – Teh Exhibishun


A new exhibition opened yesterday that makes me want to quit my day job, and fly out to London RIGHT NOW!

LOLCat – Teh Exhibishun is currently going on at the Framer’s Gallery in London.  The exhibit looks to ignore “the crudely makeshift LOLCAT aesthetic”, and instead showcase each artist’s “unique take on the theme to create a piece of beautiful, amusing and exquisitely crafted LOLCAT art”.  Check out some of the pieces, and also check out BBC News for more info and a video!


Jeezus Cat by Delme Rosser

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Celebrate the cat.


There is something charming and magical about banners.  Seeing a “Happy Birthday” or “Welcome Home” banner warms the heart on special occasions.  But why wait for a special occasion to hang one?  With Banter Banners, artist Angela Deane has decided that banners are no longer for special occasions, but for every day.

Best of all is that she created a few banners specifically  for cat lovers!  Show off your cat pride with the “I (heart) My Cat” banner ($18) that is pictured above.  I found a couple of others that I thought spoke directly to the cat lovers out there.


I love the simple “Cats” banner ($15).  I would love to see this hanging above the kitchen sink in my house.  Glancing up to see ‘Cats’ would definitely bring a smile to my face while doing the dishes.


I thought this ‘mini’ banner ($14) would be a funny one to hang right about your cat’s favorite nesting spot.

You can also make your own banner to say WHATEVER YOU LIKE!  Maybe a little ‘mini’ banner with your pet’s name to hang right above their food bowl?  So many cute possibilities.

Hello world.

Hello world.

Here starts another cat blog.  Does the world need it?  Probably not, but I’m going to do it anyway.

I’m going to try to make this one a little bit different.  None of the funny meme cat photos with text over top.  No videos of cats eating yogurt, or bouncing on trampolines.  This blog is gonna try to be a little more refined.

Yes, I know I sound like an asshole saying something like that, but do we really need another website posting the same adorable/silly/funny cat things over and over?

I’m going to focus more on artfully done cat-related things.  Fashions for both human and cat.  Designer cat toys.  Videos of remixed cat meows.  That sort of cat world.

I’m very much a crazy cat lady, I’m just trying to be a bit more classy about it.  Don’t worry, though, go like me on Facebook.  I’ll be posting pretty much every cat related thing I see over there.

Hope you enjoy!