Space Cat

Last Halloween, I became obsessed with this image.

I spotted it randomly on Pintrest, and fell in love.  There was something magical about it.

I have no idea who created it, whether it is old or new, or where it originally came from. At the time all I knew was that I wanted to be this for Halloween.

I tried hard to find some kind of vintage spaceman costume, but failed on all fronts.  I’m not very crafty, so there was no way I was going to make one.  In the end, I just created my own spin on the costume.  I combined 3 different costumes to create my ‘Space Cat’.  I effectively scared most of NYC…or at least the people I saw on the subway since I refused to take off my mask.

3f1015d01fe011e2b17a22000a1fa432_7 (1)

My version of Space Cat.

Since that time, I’ve fallen in love with all things ‘space cat’.  I love the combination of cats in space.  I find it highly entertaining for some reason.

I decided to do an Etsy search for ‘space cat’.  I found some pretty rad things.  Click through to see some highlights.

Space Cat by iFUNmagine. $10

I know a lot of people these days are creating art on top of old text from books, and it is a bit tired, but I love this.

Printed on an old page from a dictionary, this space cat has a bit of sadness about him.  What are you looking at, Space Cat? Did something go wrong on the mission?  Is your suit too big for you?  Questions.

Astro Cat Champagne Flute by BreadandBadger. $22

Um, yes.  I need these.  I don’t really ever plan on getting married, but perhaps I could use these at my 40th birthday party.  I also have a monthly pizza/champagne/bad movie date with friends.  I need this for our monthly meetings.  It’s also available as a pint glasses, and a couple of other sizes.  The champagne flute is just about perfection, though.

90s Cat face space sweatshirt from ZulamimiLand, $35.

Ok. Let’s get serious for a minute.  I’m a bit obsessed with finding decent cat-themed clothing.  If I’m gonna go full force into this ‘cat lady’ thing, I at least want to have a cute wardrobe.

That being said…I totally want this sweatshirt. It’s just so over the top crazy, it works.  I don’t know if I believe this came from the 90s, but I don’t care.  I mean, there is just so much crazy on this.  I love it.

Cats in Space by DonMatthewsArt, $250.

I don’t do well talking about art.  I just know what I like, and I like this.  Something about the tone of it really intrigues me.  I don’t have much to say except that I like this.  I’m gonna go stare at it for awhile.

Custom Pet Art by MandyStoller, $25.

When all else fails, have something made.  Grab a photo of your cat, send it to this lady, and BAM!, your cat is Space Cat.  I’m sure I have tons of friends that could do this in Photoshop, but it might be easier to just pay this lady the $25 to do it.  Laser cat destroying the Earth.  Awesome.

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