Dan Lacey

As you may or may not know, last Tuesday was National Pancake Day.  While it may not be a reason for banks to close, it is a reason for me to search on the internet for cats and pancakes.  Which is how I found Dan Lacey.

Some of you may already know about Dan Lacey.  He is, after all, the Painter of Pancakes.  He has appeared all over the internet, yet somehow, I had totally missed out on his greatness.  Huffington Post posted a great interview with him today about his more political artwork.  This, however, is a blog about cats so we will just be looking at his paintings that pertain to the feline kind.  Click through to see more of Dan’s artwork.

If you would like to know more about Dan, check out his blog and his Facebook page.  Both are great, and both showcase his artwork (both cat and non-cat paintings).  You should also check out his eBay page where he sells prints of his works.  You can actually bid on one of the latest paintings he did while in the hospital for food poisoning, Nurse Kitty.

Nurse Kitty

I’m actually thinking of grabbing a print of the Chairman Mao With a Pancake On His Head.  

For more paintings of cats with pancakes on their heads, check out these 22 from Dan’s website.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Kitty Bliss Pancake

Dead Mouse Siamese Pancake

Chase The No Face Cat Pancake

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