Cat Calendar


A friend of mine, knowing that I just started a cat blog, sent me the above invitation a couple days ago.  Not knowing anything about Creatures of Comfort or United Bamboo, all I saw were the words ‘CAT CALENDAR PARTY’.  I got very excited.  Very, very excited.  I tried to get pretty much all of my friends to go with me to what was sure to be a magical night.  Unfortunately, no one could.  Whatever.  I’ll go on this amazing journey alone.

Thursday morning I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide the perfect cat themed outfit.  I’m crazy that way.  Unfortunately, no one at the party saw my awesome fashion because I only spent about 20 minutes at the party.  Apparently, Creatures of Comfort and United Bamboo are clothing companies.  Very high end clothing companies.  I had no idea.  I walked in expecting to see little cats in outfits every where, but just saw a bunch of people way richer than I shopping for clothes that cost the same amount I pay in rent.  No biggie.

On a small tour of the shop, I did spot this guy, though.


His name is Q (I forgot to ask the owner whether she was a big Star Trek fan or a big James Bond fan), and he is 12yrs young.  He was sporting a lovely little hoodie, and was chilling on the couch all on his own.  He is possibly the most chill cat I have ever seen.  The owner eventually picked him up, and swung him over her shoulders where he just sat.  No complaining from this little guy.

After saying goodbye to Q, I wandered over to the area where they were actually selling the calendar.  The calendar was being sold for $48, so it was out of my price range, but it was gorgeous! Triple thick pages bound together gives the calendar more of a book feel than something you could buy at a mall kiosk.  The photos were just amazing, too.  I found out later that all the little outfits the cats were wearing where actually outfits United Bamboo sells to humans.  Very cute.

Since I couldn’t afford the calendar, and am painfully shy in crowds, I took my free poster and left.  Once I got home and looked at the poster, I discovered it was this piece of amazingness.  1a887bcb35120821e26d23af4adcdee3_large

Part of me really wants to frame this.  It’s so rad.  Here are some images from the actual calendar:

layouts(2)__smart_large layouts(3)__smart_large

I also found this great behind the scenes video from The Stylish.

If you would like a cat calendar of your very own, they are for sale over at  Just $45!  You can also find all the fashions from the calendar available for your cat on the website!  PLUS, grab the 2010 and 2011 cat calendars for the discounted price of $20!  Awesome.

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