Celebrate the cat.


There is something charming and magical about banners.  Seeing a “Happy Birthday” or “Welcome Home” banner warms the heart on special occasions.  But why wait for a special occasion to hang one?  With Banter Banners, artist Angela Deane has decided that banners are no longer for special occasions, but for every day.

Best of all is that she created a few banners specifically  for cat lovers!  Show off your cat pride with the “I (heart) My Cat” banner ($18) that is pictured above.  I found a couple of others that I thought spoke directly to the cat lovers out there.


I love the simple “Cats” banner ($15).  I would love to see this hanging above the kitchen sink in my house.  Glancing up to see ‘Cats’ would definitely bring a smile to my face while doing the dishes.


I thought this ‘mini’ banner ($14) would be a funny one to hang right about your cat’s favorite nesting spot.

You can also make your own banner to say WHATEVER YOU LIKE!  Maybe a little ‘mini’ banner with your pet’s name to hang right above their food bowl?  So many cute possibilities.

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